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Our bra sizes differ slightly from design to design. For most accurate size fit, please use the two different size guides below.

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Lilii Borea, Hydra & Aries - HOW TO MEASURE

Under bust size is the tight circumstance measured around the ribcage under your breast.

STEP 1 - Take a measuring tape.

STEP 2 - Make sure you are wearing a normal bra, not a heavily padded one when you take your measurements.

STEP 3 - Measure tightly around the under bust. This measure should simply give you your bra size in the chart above.


The hip measurement is found by locating the widest part of the lower body, usually around the buttocks, and measuring the circumference.

STEP 1 - Take a measuring tape.

STEP 2 - Measure hips. Here, you need to be careful to check that the measuring tape remains at the same level all the way around and snugs you well.

STEP 3 - Record measurement. This should simply give you your brief size. The size chart above will give you your exact brief size.