Our Story

Mahéquline is a Copenhagen-based lingerie and bikini brand deeply devoted to fostering a warm and inclusive community of all girls. Our designs bloom from a deep wish to empower and uplift one another, symbolizing our commitment to mutual support and encouragement. We consider ourselves the sisterhood we all need #MAHEGIRLS.

"As a #MAHEGIRL and part of the Mahéquline family, I love the thought of wearing an outfit under an outfit. Regardless of the need to impress, I am confident that the profound satisfaction of feeling put-together inspires and empowers the girls of Mahéquline to take action, take the plunge and take on the day"
- Founder


The Founder

"From a young age, my passion has always been rooted in the world of design, colors and creativity. When I wasn’t spending time in the Danish wildflower fields collecting bouquets for my mother, I would sit in my room in my childhood home sketching and painting my clothing ideas on paper models.

As I grew older, my love for design and creativity only flourished. I would always find a way to wear my clothes differently than intended because I had a better idea. My beloved old neighbor used to tell me that I never failed to surprise her with my choice of clothing styles.

One day, during conversations with friends who shared the same love for lingerie, we began to question why beautiful, high-quality lingerie had to come with such a high price tag. This sparked the idea behind the brand, Mahéquline. I wanted to make colorful and unique lingerie affordable for all women.

I introduced my first collection in January, and the positive response touched me deeply. All the sketches I created during my teenage years found a new sense of purpose. This inspired me to continue creating lingerie, transforming it into an everyday luxury accessible to all women."

Caroline Ballermann /CEO & Founder/


In the world of dreamy, colorful and unique lingerie, Mahéquline isn't just a brand; it's a story of beginnings. 

The brand's name traces back to a moment in our founder's early life. Picture her, just two years old, determined to introduce herself to the world. She attempted to say her name in Danish, but instead mistakenly said "Ma he Culine," a childish way to say "My name is Caroline." This pronunciation eventually evolved into Mahéquline.

As Caroline has grown into a woman, this childlike innocence and boldness is manifested through Caroline's fondness for Mahéquline, her childhood nickname and now the name of the beloved brand.

Our designs manifest a reflection of this transformation — a journey of innocence and elegance that is the very essence of Mahéquline.

Worldwide shipping

We offer worldwide shipping to our customers, so everyone can enjoy our designer pieces all around the world.

affordable lingerie

We are proud to offer lingerie that is not only high-quality and beautiful but also affordable.

satisfied customers

We‘re proud to have a customer satisfaction score of 95%. The most important part of our product is the woman who wears it.